Where Did Plastic Free July Come From?

You, like myself, are properly wondering, what is Plastic Free July and where did it come from?

To answer the question of where Plastic Free July came from, we need to go back to July 2011. In the midst of big news stories like South Sudan gaining independence from Sudan, the closure of The News of the World, and the death of Amy Winehouse, 9126 miles away from the UK in Western Australia, there was a small movement taking place. Led by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and with support from a small team in local government, they were on a mission to educate people on becoming Plastic Free.

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz
Founder and Executive Director, Plastic Free July

From its humble beginnings in 2011, Plastic Free July has grown to become a global movement, with more than 140 million people participating in 2021 from 190 countries.

Now we know where Plastic Free July came from, lets answer what Plastic Free July is. Simply, Plastic Free July is an annual global movement that encourages people to reduce their plastic consumption for the whole month. It also helps provide solutions for a future where there is no more plastic.

The hope is that by reducing plastic consumption for a whole month, consumers will be encouraged to continue their plastic free journey beyond July, and make a permanent reduction in plastic in their everyday lives.

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