Primal Suds Soap Bar – Xabon

By Primal Suds

Primal Suds Soap Bar – Xabon

By Primal Suds


Handmade soap with 100% natural ingredients.

The Primal Suds Xabon soap bar is handmade in the UK using 100% natural ingredients. Its blend of Marjoram, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oil will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

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Primal Suds soaps are handmade in Southampton by Andrew and Jen using 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan ingredients. They contain no SLS, palm oil or synthetic chemicals, meaning that they are both kind to your skin and friendly to the planet.

The Xabon soap bar is blended with Marjoram, Clary Sage, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential Oil, providing a refreshing zesty scent. The added Annatto Seeds make it particularly good for exfoliating, helping to leave the skin soft and smooth without having to rub too hard.

Environmental Information

Environmental Details

We know how difficult it can be to tell how much of an impact what you are buying has on the environment, and what effect switching to a more sustainable product has, so we have found out and compiled all of this information for you below.

Primal Suds soap bars replace soaps that contain lots of harsh chemicals and often come packaged in plastic.

Primal Suds use 100% natural ingredients in their soaps. Below is an explaination of some of the ingredients in this soap, followed by the all important full ingredient list. Coconut Oil: Primal Sud's soaps have a much higher percentage of coconut oil to the other oils, it's sustainable, moisturising and nourishing on the skin, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Olive Oil: Moisturising and nourishing. An anti-oxidant. Rapeseed Oil: Used instead of palm oil. Its moisturising and lather properties are kinder for you and the planet. Shea Butter: Adds moisturising qualities, plus it hardens the bars making them last longer. Clays & Charcoal: Absorbent qualities draw nasty stuff from skin. Naturally exfoliating, so there’s no need to push too hard. As with all charcoal products they may cause temporary bath smut…rinse and rub the tub and it goes away…like nothing ever happened. Natural Essential Oils: All with different healthy properties, aromatherapeutic, revitalising and smell real good. (If you are pregnent please consult your doctor before using products containing essential oils.) Natural Exfoliants: Primal Suds use different ingredients as the natural exfoliant depending on which soap they are making. They include Oats, Chia, Tea, Hemp, Clay and Charcoal. These ingredients also help to naturally colour the soap bars. In some cases Spirulina or Annatto seeds are used because Primal Suds do not use anything artificial, including colours! Lye: Lye is Sodium Hydroxide, mixed with water to make an extremely alkaline solution, when added to the fats it undergoes the transformation into soap. Once the process is complete no lye remains in the finished product, it’s changed into soap. Without lye you can’t make soap but don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe and has been used in soap making since the Roman times.   Sodium cocoate (Coconut oil), Aqua, Sodium olivate (Olive oil), Brassica campestris (rapeseed) seed oil, Glycerin*, Kaolin clay, Sodium shea butterate, Origanum majorana (Sweet marjoram) leaf oil, Salvia sclarea (Clary sage) oil, Linalool, Bixa Orellana (Annatto) seed, Eucalyptus citriodora oil, Rosmarinus officinalis (Rosemary) leaf oil, Citral, Melaleuca alternifolia (Tea tree) leaf oil, Limonene, Geraniol *Naturally occurring in the soap making process

Primal Suds soap bars are better both for the environment and your skin. They don’t contain nasty chemicals like SLS and parabans, instead they are made using 100% natural, vegan, cruelty free ingredients. The packaging is 100% plastic free and compostable too, so you’ll be reducing the amount of plastic waste in your home too.

Primal Suds soap bars come packaged in a card box that is 100% recyclable and 100% compostable.

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Additional information

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