Age Restricted Products

Some of the products we sell are deemed by the UK Government as Age Restricted Products, such as our shaving razors. In 2019, the UK Government introduced the Offensive Weapons Act 2019, which poses restrictions on selling bladed articles online. Under this law, we are required to:

  • Verify that the customer is old enough to purchase the Age Restricted Products before we process the order.
  • Ensure that the product is handed to a person of 18 years or over when it is delivered.

Verifying Your Age

If you place an order that includes an Age Restricted Product, we will require you to prove that you are aged 18 years or over by providing a valid form of ID, which needs to match the name used in the billing address of your order. We’ve made this easy to do by providing a form which allows you to upload your ID after you checkout or from the View Order screen on your account. If you don’t have an account, there will be a link in your order confirmation email, which allows you to upload your ID.

If you have an account with us and once your ID has been verified, you will not be required to provide your ID again for future orders, providing that you continue to use the same name in the billing address. If you do checkout with a different name (for example, you use a family or friends card), you will need to provide ID for this name, which will then be noted on your account for future purchases. So each name will only need to be verified once.

We take the security of your personal data extremely seriously. Once we have verified your ID, the photo you uploaded is destroyed. We do have to keep a record of certain information to prove that we have checked your ID. We will record your name, date of birth and the type of ID provided. But that’s it!

Delivering Your Order

We have to ensure that the parcel that contains the Age Restricted Products are handed to a person of 18 years or over. To do this, we use Royal Mail’s Age Verification Service, which is only available on tracked delivery methods. As such, non tracked delivery methods will not be available for any orders that contain Age Restricted Products.

Royal Mail operate a Challenge 25 policy, meaning that for any orders containing Age Restricted Products, whoever receives the delivery will be required to provide ID to prove that they are a person of 18 years or over if the postman believes them to look under the age of 25.