Beco Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl

By Beco Pets

Beco Pets Collapsible Travel Bowl

By Beco Pets


The Collapsible Travel Bowl is perfect for those who are always on the go with their dogs. With it’s multipurpose use as both a food and water bowl, and it’s ability to fold flat, making it ideal for travelling. The bowl fits into bags, cars and even some pockets, so your hungry, howling, hound will never miss a meal.

The Collapsible Travel Bowl is made from flexible and hard-wearing BPA free silicone.


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The Collapsible Travel Bowls are made from tough, hard-wearing, flexible and versatile BPA free silicone. Each bowl is made as a whole piece, preventing the need for seals to perish or split, meaning less leaks and punctures on your adventures.

Silicone is made from sand instead of petroleum plastic or rubber, so the manufacturing process is less harmful on the environment and is made with no chemicals, so while being tough and hard-wearing, it is safer for your dog.

The Collapsible Travel Bowls are 100% recyclable.

Environmental Information

Environmental Details

We know how difficult it can be to tell how much of an impact what you are buying has on the environment, and what effect switching to a more sustainable product has, so we have found out and compiled all of this information for you below.

The Collapsible Travel Bowls are made from BPA free silicone.

The Collapsible Travel Bowls are better than other travel bowls as they are made from silicone, not plastic or rubber. Silicone is made from sand, so the manufacturing process is less harmful to the environment. As there are no chemicals used in the silicone either, the Collapsible Travel Bowl is safer for your dog. Being made from one piece, it is more hard-wearing and less susceptible to tears and cracks, so will last longer than other travel bowls.

The Collapsible Travel Bowl comes packaged on a cardboard header card.

Once your Collapsible Travel Bowl has come to the end of its life, it is fully recyclable.

Additional information

Additional information

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Why Buy From Us

Here at Enviroli we care passionately about helping you to live in an environmentally friendly way at an affordable price. Every aspect of what we do is carefully considered to reduce the environmental impact and to ensure that our prices are kept as low as possible. Here are a few reasons to buy from us:

  • We handpick our products, taking time to do our research and ensure that they truely are environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on providing as much information about our products as possible to help you make an informed decision about what to buy.
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